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BiPorn Pron
BiPorn Pron
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The guys in this biporn movie are prettier than the girl. In fact, she kind of seems like an extra. Maybe she should have used a strap-on. Come to think of it, the guys' tits are bigger, too. She had the easiest job of anyone.
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TeenXXX Dildo
TeenXXX Dildo
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You know the camerman busted a nut watching these hot teen whores going at it. He's got the greatest job in the world. And the nastiest underwear. "Honey, I'm home!" "How was work?" "Watched a couple teen lesbos ass-fuck each other with a dildo." "That's nice, dear. Do your own damn laundry."
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Lesbianporn Teen
Lesbianporn Teen
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These skanky teen lesbos came right off of Martin Luther King Avenue. They're so cracked out they each think they're making out with dudes. The video didn't start as a job interview, like it looks; that's the welfare office.
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You notice a lot of MILF whores wearing corsets. I think that's probably to hide the stretch marks from all the kids they've squeezed out of their twats. Hey, getting fucked up the ass is a better way to support your litter than getting on welfare.
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Anal Creampie
Anal Creampie
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This is fucking disgusting. I watch this stuff and write about it for a living, but again I say, this is fucking disgusting. If this whore's ass is this loose, she must have put espresso on her Wheaties. She could give birth anally.
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Outdoor Sex Video
Outdoor Sex Video
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"Hey, babe. How about this afternoon I disguise myself, we go have a picnic in the middle of a hay field, and I fuck you up the ass?" "Duh, OK! Outdoor sex is cool, but I wanna leave my sneakers on." "Why?" "I'd hate it if ants crawled in my SHOES!"
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Asian Girl
Asian Girl
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This is an unlikely mix: a young Asian girl servicing a great big black cock. It happens, I suppose; Tiger Woods is a product of black and Asian sex. Then there's... umm... Well, that's all that springs to mind at the moment...
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Asian Lesbo Orgy
Asian Lesbo Orgy
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Yup, this is the party you weren't invited to. Or worse, the one you were invited to but you blew off because you thought it would be lame to hang out with a bunch of Asian lesbos. You should have known it would have turned into a great big lesbo orgy. But, you stayed home and watched The Simpsons instead.
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Tits Deluxe
Tits Deluxe
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If you like them big, you'll love this video. I'd be afraid to give this bitch a pearl necklace; I might lose my cock in there. The doctor must have misunderstood her; she said she'd give him head for bigger tits, he thought she said she wanted tits as big as her head.
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Black Whore Creampie
Black Whore Creampie
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This gap-toothed black whore came right off the streetcorner. Looks like her snatch has been pounded so hard it's about to grow a dick and fight back. Is that glitter on that bitch or is she starting to fossilize?
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The hottest free seks scenes money can buy -- yeah, I misspelled it. Like you're even fucking reading this. What are you waiting for? Yank your wanker right off. You're probably on the bus right now, but who the fuck cares.

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